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Our anthology, Funtime Comics & Art Zine is made up entirely of artist contributions. The next exciting issue of Funtime Comics & Art Zine is under way. We are printing in full colour and are accepting submissions now!

First and foremost we are a comic mag - our mission is to provide a grassroots home for Kiwi comics creators to showcase their work, in a printed and published book. We like it to feature as wide a range of comics as possible, from cartoons and comic dailies, to single page comics, and short form multi-page narrative works. From comedy, to adventure, space operas, to social commentary, and to straightforward comics storytelling in any genre.

Secondly, we are an art magazine, and we like it to include  graphic art and street art, illustration and experimental art.

Thirly, we feature articles and commentary on the NZ comics and arts community, artist spotlights, and opinion column. If you're a writer and lover NZ Arts, especially, comics, graphic art and street art we'd love to hear from you.

Your submission can be humorous, serious, or just plain silly. Creators retain the copyright on any work they contribute. Funtime is a non-profit organisation. Any money we make selling comics goes back into printing more comics.

Submission specifications:

Submission should be set to the following specs:

Digital files

We will do some adjusting of artwork levels in Photoshop but this can be time consuming so if you have the skill to prepare your artwork please do so. Upload your digital files to Dropbox, Google Drive or We Transfer and send to us.

Funtime has had a reasonably open door policy for the content of comics, but we still have certain guidelines of what is acceptable quality and content wise and is determined by panel review by the active members of Funtime Comics Collective at our monthly meetups.

Funtime is a non-profit collective. You are not paid for your submissions, but you will receive a complimentary copy of the issue. All funds from sales go back into Funtime and printing the next issue.

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